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What Is The Best Lube For Penis Enlargement Exercises?

When doing penis enlargement exercises, the only thing you need is your hands – and some lubricant. Many men want to know what is the best lube to use for jelqing exercises? Any good quality lube will work, but some definitely give better results than others. Choosing the best lube will make the exercises easier to do and much more effective, giving you those extra inches much quicker.

The experts at Penis Advantage, the number 1 penis enlargement exercise program, carried out an extensive study with their members testing 12 of the best known lubes on the market when doing the enlargement exercises. One product, Sylk Personal Lubricant, won hands down.
They looked at how effective the lubricant was when used with their workouts, and found that the men using Sylk made gains on average 22% faster than with other lubes. This is because it is high quality, and does not need reapplied during the workout – constantly stopping the exercise to re-lube can slow down the speed of your gains.

The other pros of this lube are that it is good value, discreetly packaged, and delivered quickly, making it the recommended lubricant when doing penis enlargement exercises.

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