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Tips to Help You Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

Having a healthy sex life is one of the most important things in life, and being able to properly enjoy it is essential for your sexual drive (libido). Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes more complicated to enjoy sex when something’s wrong down below. One of the main issues men might experience is erectile dysfunction (ED) and this can become a real nightmare for them!

What is ED?

According to The Medical Free Dictionary, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to engage in sexual intercourse. It is also called impotence.

When having sex in normal circumstances, the brain of a sexually stimulated man sends a message down into the nerves of the penis through the spinal cord. These nerves release neurotransmitters that signal the arteries to supply blood to engorge the penis. The penis then enlarges, causing an erection.

What are the causes of ED?

Erectile dysfunction appears when, for one reason or another, the blood can’t flow through the penis, or can’t keep it engorged.  The causes of ED can be physical or psychological.

The physical causes are numerous but the two main ones are the atherosclerosis and diabetes: atherosclerosis causes the narrowing of the arteries which restricts the flow of blood to the penis, and men with diabetes are especially at risk of ED if their condition is not controlled.

Neurological condition such as Parkinson’s disease could also lead to ED.  In more rare cases, ED can be caused by damage to the penis or spinal cord following a surgical procedure.

Psychological causes are also very numerous – amongst them, stress, guilt and anxiety are the most common. These are especially hard to deal with as they don’t come from a physical problem than can be solved with surgery or a healthier living style. They usually require time and patience to be sorted out.

ED treatment options
As a man, I’m sure you’ve heard of ED. Maybe, since you’re reading this, you have even experienced it. This type of issue is closely linked to our masculine pride! We want to feel manly, and such a condition leaves us with that horrible feeling that we are not. This is why it is very important to get treatment straight away, before you put yourself at risk of depression too.

First of all, if you’re experiencing trouble, it is important that you contact your GP. There is no shame in asking for help, your GP is the best person to advise and help you and you won’t be the first to visit him or her with this problem.

In terms of treatment, you will have several options depending on your problem. Sometimes, simply having a healthier lifestyle is the solution – weight gain and a lack of physical activities could be the cause.

When the cause is psychological, dealing with your issues with a psychologist or by talking things through with your partner will be the solution.

When this problem can’t be solved only with a healthy lifestyle or psychological help, you’ll probably have to use medication such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis (which are the most common medications).

An alternative treatment to erectile dysfunction you may want to try is the use of herbs. Here is a selection of 5 natural remedies against erectile dysfunction.

Remember that there is no shame in seeking help. If you are experiencing ED, it is really important that you make an appointment with your GP straight away. Don’t wait any longer, get your sex life back and enjoy it!

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