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Lloyd Lester’s “Ejaculation By Command” Review

There is probably nothing in the world that gives a man greater pleasure than knowing he has the ability to satisfy any woman in bed. But for many guys, sex is often a short-lived affair (even an embarrassing one) that ends as soon as the heart starts pounding and the adrenalin gets rushing. And this […]

2 Exercises to Prevent Premature Ejaculation and Make Sex Last Longer

Is there a way to prevent premature ejaculation, or are you destined to a life of coming up too short during sex? Well, you are going to love hearing this, because truth is, Premature ejaculation is a condition that is not set in stone. This means you can easily reverse those triggers or reflexes that […]

Reasons For Premature Ejaculation – Why Do Men Get Premature Ejaculation?

What are the reasons for Premature ejaculation? If we know them then we might know how to cure this debilitating and embarrassing condition. In this article, I will tell you exactly why premature ejaculation and how knowledge of this points to an obvious cure. Click here to check out Ejaculation Supremacy now One Reason Only – […]

3 Exercises To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Exercises to cure Premature ejaculation are one way of going about it. I know because I, myself, am a former premature ejaculator that cured himself. In this article, I will share with you 3 different exercises that you can use to cure your PE. I will say one thing though – there is no single […]

Delay Ejaculation Pills – Discover The 2 Types Of Pill That Can Make You Last Longer In The Bedroom – SSRIs & Priligy

Delay ejaculation pills – which drugs can cure you of Premature ejaculation? In this article, I will tell you about two types of pills that could help you. Whether they can cure you or not will also be revealed. Click here to check out Ejaculation Supremacy now SSRIs The first types of pill are known as […]

Premature Ejaculation Remedies – 3 Remedies To Help Increase Your Bedroom Confidence

Premature ejaculation remedies are a great way to get rid of your anxiety about your body and your performance and restore confidence in your abilities once more. When this has been done, your body will automatically reward you by delaying your ejaculation back to the way that it should be. Click here to check out […]

Premature Ejaculation Cures – 3 Different PE Cures To Try Tonight

Premature ejaculation cures are a way to stop yourself from releasing your ejaculate way too early. But, wait a minute – what exactly is a premature ejaculation cure? In theory, it should be something that stops you from prematurely ejaculating ever again. Well, there is no single thing that will do this for you but […]

Curing Premature Ejaculation – Get Started With These 3 Tips

Curing premature ejaculation is totally possible but the way in which it is achieved may not be what you were expecting. There is no single “trick” that will cure you overnight. That is because premature ejaculation is caused by anxiety about your performance in the bedroom. If you had full, 100% confidence in your abilities […]

How To Control Premature Ejaculation – 4 Ways To Seize Back Your Endurance In The Bedroom

How to control Premature ejaculation? There are many ways that this can be achieved. There is simply no need to carry on frustrated as you are. Here are 4 tips you can start using soon, some even today, and these together will help to build your confidence in the bedroom so that you will be […]

Help Stop Premature Ejaculation Taking Hold Of You With 4 Tips To Last Longer

Help stop Premature ejaculation from happening to yourself by following these 4 simple tips to help you last longer in the bedroom. Click here to check out Ejaculation Supremacy now Massage The ultimate cause of premature ejaculation is anxiety in the bedroom. There can be a number of different reasons for this but one way to […]