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Dating Secrets Guide

I recently ran across the new dating secrets guide, by Tony Sanders and since it’s getting quite a bit of attention out there right now, I wanted to run through what my initial impressions were. I have not yet read the book, but I have gone through the contents and reviewed some other articles and […]

How to Attract Women: How to Impress Women

Renee Grant-Williams, a celebrity vocal coach, says, “The people we deal with in life come to know us by the three ways in which we present ourselves: (a) how we look; (b) what we say; and (c) how we say it.” Obviously, this applies just as much to women as it does to men. If […]

Attracting Georgeous Women is All in the Mind

Is attracting women less about being good looking, and more about set of beliefs? We all have a friend who just who just has that something about him which attracts women. He seems to attract them naturally – women notice him and they start flirting with him. The “naturally desirable” male barely has to try, […]

How to Seduce a Woman Using ‘Deflection Theory’

There’s something that often happens when you’re out playing the ‘seduction game’ – that is, when you’re actively looking out for girls you think you’d like to hook-up with. Many men have experienced it, and many thousands of men still do experience it when they themselves are out playing the game. It usually goes something […]