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Reasons For Premature Ejaculation – Why Do Men Get Premature Ejaculation?

What are the reasons for Premature ejaculation? If we know them then we might know how to cure this debilitating and embarrassing condition. In this article, I will tell you exactly why premature ejaculation and how knowledge of this points to an obvious cure.

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One Reason Only – Performance Anxiety

Many people will try to explain that there are several reasons why guys have premature ejaculation. But, actually, there is only one reason that can be found when you start to dig and reveal the truth.

The sole cause of premature ejaculation is performance anxiety. This is anxiety, self-doubt or fear in the bedroom about your performance.

The more you fear prematurely ejaculating, the more likely it is. There are also other reasons for this anxiety too.

Common Causes Of Anxiety – Perceived Lack Of Sexual Prowess/Experience

It is very common for men to feel inferior to their partners. They feel that they may not be able to perform in a way that she will really enjoy. They fear being compared to her previous lovers and ranking rock bottom.

You should not feel this way. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is a sex god in the bedroom. Taking all your clothes off and having sex is the ultimate in intimate acts. You show your inner side when you do this. If there is some fragility there then so be it. Your partner will be understanding. If she is not, ditch her immediately. You do not need such negative people around and they will only drag you down.

Common Causes Of Anxiety – Perceived Inadequate “Equipment”

Another common cause is among men who have smaller than average penises. Again, some feel that they will never to be please her properly.

Honestly, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Sex is about more than how much of you she can feel inside her. If any woman ever jokes about your penis size, ditch her immediately. She would probably do the same if you cracked a joke about the appearance of her vagina.

How big or small you are has a tiny (no pun intended) impact on how satisfying sex is so it is wrong to over-obsess about it.

Get Back Your Confidence

You need to get rid of your anxieties, whatever their cause, and get back your confidence. Never forget that you are “the man”.

Women generally don’t want submissive men. Men are built bigger and stronger than women and they also do the penetration. You should “man up” and act like a man and don’t apologise for it. Too many men have been conditioned to be pansies by the influence of feminism and equal rights.

I’m all for women enjoying the same rights as women but let’s not forget that men are built bigger and stronger and carry semen for a reason. Don’t deny who and what you are and never apolgise for it.

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