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Primary Causes of Male Impotence

There are different types of conditions in humans which are known to cause panic.

Male impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction might not be the first one that comes to mind, but it is one of the most frightening and disturbing things that can happen to a man. If you’ve ever suffered from performance anxiety, or lost your erection during sex for no reason at all, you’ll know what I mean.

Being unable to get or keep an erection is a serious problem, affecting more and more men of all ages.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the affected man is unable to get an erection or even maintain one during sexual stimulation. There are several reasons that are responsible for this condition, and the main causes are said to be psychological, although illness or different physical conditions can also play a part.

Some of the physical problems that may be held responsible for impotence include heart or muscular problems, addictions to different types of drugs or alcohol or even sicknesses such as diabetes.

There are also some types of medications which are known to have impotence as a side effect. The psychological problems that may lead one to become impotent include things like a bad relationship, depression, anxiety and worries about things like career, finances and being in a bad relationship.

In such cases, there are some forms of medications that are known to be helpful in dealing with such conditions – but the results are usually only short term.

There are also several problems that tend to affect men as they grow older. Their arteries begin to harden and this may affect blood flow to the penis and subsequently resulting difficulties in getting an erection. This is a more common occurrence in men over forty.

There are times that both physical and mental conditions combine to cause erectile dysfunction. There are some who may not be aware of any physical condition that they have so when they end up being unable to get an erection they may start feeling depressed. It is thus important to make sure that all physical concerns are addressed to avoid mental distress.

Distractions during intimacy may also contribute to impotence. Getting a phone call during intimacy may interfere with concentration and a man may end up losing his erection. Other sources of distraction may come in the form of children or even pets and once they happen, the man may not be able to recreate the mood. This may affect his overall sexual performance.

Negative comments from a lover may be enough to turn a man off sexually. This may require their lover to have a talk with them regarding feelings and sensitivity. There may also be a need to visit a professional for counseling to help in overcoming this problem.

The prostate gland may also be responsible for erectile dysfunction. It is known to mainly affect men who are above the age of forty five. The condition is referred to as Prostatitis which results in an inflamed prostate that may lead to erectile dysfunction.

So is there a solution?

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