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2 Exercises to Prevent Premature Ejaculation and Make Sex Last Longer

Is there a way to prevent premature ejaculation, or are you destined to a life of coming up too short during sex? Well, you are going to love hearing this, because truth is, Premature ejaculation is a condition that is not set in stone. This means you can easily reverse those triggers or reflexes that cause rapid ejaculation and extend your stamina in bed.

One of the best ways to achieve lasting sexual power is to practice exercises that are specifically developed to boost your sexual endurance. Read this article now if you want to learn two simple workouts that will help you achieve this sexual milestone.

Endurance Exercise #1 – PC Contraction

Ever heard of kegel exercises?  These are extremely popular exercises often used by women use to tighten their vaginas for better control during sex and more explosive orgasms. But they can be used by men too.

PC contractions are modified kegel techniques developed to help men gain superior ejaculatory control during sex. These exercises serve to improve the strength of the PC or Pubococcygeal muscles – the same set of muscles that you use to stop urination. Alternatively, these are also the same muscles you feel “contracting” when you try to tighten your abs or squeeze your buttocks.

PC contraction exercise: This is what you do. Clench or squeeze your PC muscle. Feel the tension and hold it for two to three seconds. Then relax this muscle for the same duration and clench again. Repeat this process about ten to twenty times in one session.

Endurance Exercise #2 – Pelvic Lifts

You use your pelvic muscles during sexual penetration, thus strengthening these muscles will also boost your sexual stamina. To perform a pelvic exercise, simply lie down on your back with your knees bent and both hands at your side. Then lift your pelvis off the ground to the point that your back is straightened while simultaneously clenching your abs and buttocks.

Make sure your entire body weight is supported only your shoulders, head and feet. Hold your body weight for 10 seconds, release then repeat the process again. Do ten to fifteen sets of this exercise per day and you will significantly improve your pelvic muscles.

Key point to note

These two exercises are time-tested techniques to prevent premature ejaculation and boost your sexual endurance. But it is also equally important to maintain a general exercise regimen. Why? For one, any form of regular exercise or sports will promote increased energy levels, higher metabolism and improves blood circulation to your penis. This will naturally improve your libido and give you greater confidence in bed to boot!

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5 Hot Places To Surprise Her With Oral Sex

Be spontaneous and surprise your girlfriend with oral sex when and where she least expects it. As it is more discreet than intercourse, oral sex is easier to put into practice, so you have total freedom to try it in the coolest places.

1.    In the car.

You’re planning a road trip to your parents in law? Or maybe just a quick visit to those friends of yours that live in the opposite part of the city? While driving change the route when she’s not looking and park near a park or somewhere where there’s less visibility.

Before she evens gets the chance to ask what’s going on, pull up her skirt and start kissing her down there. The surprise will turn her world upside down and the tornado-like orgasm will make your friends wonder why she hasn’t stopped smiling upon arrival.

2.    On the beach.

Sex on the beach is one of the most common fantasies, since it’s normally prohibited, but a good dose of cunnilingus is certainly not gonna bring the cops over. Convince her to choose a more remote part of the beach and after you’ve massaged her with sunscreen lotion, get busy.

The heat of the sun and the softness of your tongue will amplify the pleasure, and she’ll soon become the lucky receiver of one of the hottest orgasm ever! When things get too hot too bear, jump in the water and while she’s in the floating position, lift her bum and finish the job. You might get a little salty taste in your mouth but it’s totally worth it, especially if she agrees to return the favor.

3.    On the balcony.

Do you usually spend quiet evenings or week-ends in the balcony, talking or reading a book, enjoying the fresh air? Don’t let this enjoyable activity fall into… routine. Spice things up with a little “danger” in your lives! Make two cups of hot cocoa and invite her in the balcony for a friendly chat.

Put your chair right next to hers and while she’s telling you about her daily quarrels with that bitchy co-worker, start by gently caressing her leg, moving upward to her thigh, then to the main focus of her attention. To make things even hotter, do this while looking straight into her eyes.

When you feel she’s wet enough, untie her rope and put your head between her legs. The fact that she’ll have to suppress her moans so that the neighbors don’t get suspicious will get her into an even more intense state of arousal, and the orgasm(s) that will follow are going to prove it.

4.    In the kitchen.

What place can be more ideal for oral sex if not the kitchen? You can pamper your taste buds with food from the refrigerator, you can choose from a number of hot positions (her, sitting on the kitchen table or you, sitting on a stool, while she’s standing in front of you, the options are numerous).

Here’s my most intense scenario: while she’s busy cooking, approach her from behind and start kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts with your hands. If she lets you, descend slowly until you reach her vagina.

Start creating circles with your fingers, while slowly turning her to face you. Kiss her abdomen and pull her towards you firmly. After the first scream of pleasure, start licking her. You won’t know what’s burning more, the stove or her vagina. Be careful not to let yourselves too carried away though and spill things hot all over the place…

5.    In the elevator.

It’s hard to undress and start intercourse while in an elevator, for once because it’s messier, more difficult to find the right position and it takes more times. Oral sex, however… it takes less time, it’s much more convenient and is just as exciting. Don’t wait to get stuck to take advantage of it!

Press the blocking button and press her to the wall. Kiss her passionately and start working your way down under her clothes. When she objects, cause women sometimes tend to be like that, more safety-oriented, kneel in front of her and start kissing her private parts. She’ll keep quiet and savor the moment.

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Doing Penis Enlargement Exercises: 4 Tips To Help Keep You Motivated

We’ve all been there. You set yourself a goal to accomplish something, and to start with you’re all fired up and raring to go.

But before long, you’ve forgotten all about your goal. Or, even worse, you tell yourself that it was useless and there is no way you’re ever going to achieve it anyway, so you stop even trying.

You want a bigger penis. You must remember that there is a reason why you wanted to achieve this goal in the first place, and that reason is still there.

If you want to make things happen, being able to motivate yourself – and keep yourself motivated – is a crucial skill.

So, here are 4 tips to keep you on the right track.

1. Get Excited!

Why did you want to achieve your goal in the first place? Everyone has their own reasons, and only you know exactly what drives you. Whenever you feel yourself losing your drive to keep going, remind yourself why you wanted a bigger penis, and how your life will be changed once you get to your desired size.

Visualize how you’ll feel once you get to where you want to be – get yourself really pumped up about it. Remind yourself why you were excited enough to begin the exercises in the first place. Don’t be afraid to dream the big dream!

2. Set Yourself Both Short And Long Term Goals.

Your long term goal might be to get 2 inches extra length, and 1 inch extra girth. This is a good goal, and very achievable – but not overnight. If you don’t break it down into smaller short term goals as you go along, you will very quickly get demoralized, because you’ll feel that you are getting nowhere.

Set yourself short term targets – for example, a quarter of an inch growth each time you measure yourself. This way, you will actually meet your targets, and nothing motivates you like feeling that you’ve achieved what you set out to do.

3. Reward Yourself.

Feel good about what you have achieved. Every time you reach a milestone, reward yourself – you deserve it!

It doesn’t matter what the reward is, as long as you know exactly what it is for – for reaching another one of your goals. It could be a new pair of jeans, a few beers with the guys, whatever rocks your boat.

4. Don’t Go It Alone

There will be times when you feel like giving up. One of the best ways to get past this is to get together with others with similar goals, and learn from people who have already achieved what you want to achieve, Search out Success stories, and use the success of others to motivate yourself – if they can do it, so can you.

This is one of the real advantages of joining an exercise program like Penis Advantage, rather than going it alone. Because you have a support team to back you up all the way, and a forum where you can talk about results with other guys aiming for the same as you, you are much more likely to succeed.

If you haven’t joined already, you can get more information by clicking here.

It is possible to get a bigger penis, and using these tips will help you to achieve exactly what you want to achieve.

Can You Really Use Subliminal Messages For Penis Enlargement?

The idea of subliminal training is to target your subconscious mind with subliminal messages, so you can get rid of your self limiting beliefs and program your mind for success. (You can learn more about how it actually works here.) Most people think this just means getting a positive mental attitude, or boosting self Confidence – and it does work for these – but it can be much more specific.

You can use subliminal messages to lose weight, improve your concentration, help pass exams, and much, much more – including getting a bigger penis.

I have to admit, when I first read about this I was sceptical. Well, more than skeptical. Increasing the size of your penis by positive thinking? C’mon!!!

But anyway, I do totally believe in the power of the mind and of self belief, and I had just joined Penis Advantage at the time, so I thought, what the hell? It’s only 15 bucks, there’s a full 60 day money back guarantee, so I’ll give it a try.

The way it works is you download an MP3 file, and just listen to it as often as you can – it works even when you’re sleeping.

The subliminal messages work to increase your overall confidence in your penis, so right away you will notice that you are more self assured and feel more confident. But the messages also naturally send signals to your mind which increase the blood flow, and the supply of vitamins and nutrients to the penis.

The beauty of this is that it ties in perfectly with the penis enlargement exercises at Penis Advantage. Subliminal messages on their own will not produce instant or dramatic results, although the increased self-confidence will make a real difference to your life. But combined with penis enlargement exercises, the 2 elements together are incredibly powerful.

Click here to download this pioneering album and you will be feeling more confident about your penis right away, and have a physically larger penis within just a few weeks.

Penis Enlargement

Dating Secrets Guide

I recently ran across the new dating secrets guide, by Tony Sanders and since it’s getting quite a bit of attention out there right now, I wanted to run through what my initial impressions were. I have not yet read the book, but I have gone through the contents and reviewed some other articles and thus far stand very impressed by what I see.

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What does the Dating Secrets guide offer that so few newcomers to this game offer?

First up, we get a writer who really seems to have run the gauntlet of failure before reaching the big time. His name is Tony Sanders and he’s a former and future video game writer (lots of Warcraft and Farmville stuff). That hasn’t stopped him from branching out and studying the secrets of dating with his Dating Secrets guide, however.

What the Dating Secrets Guide Has to Offer

A quick look inside the Dating Secrets Guide will show you that Tony wasn’t sitting idle between his gaming guides. He’s put together dozens of strategies, starting from the basics of just “understanding women”. From there, he’s expanded, covering things like communication basics, body language, inner game (to a small degree), how to talk to women, how to meet women, and more.

Tony Sanders' Dating SecretsThe best part from my initial impressions of the Dating Secrets guide however were the last few sections about actually talking to a woman, then going on a date (and dating her in the future). Future dating tips are almost always missing from these kinds of guides, and at the end you have a nice guide to intimacy during or after that first date.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this Dating Secrets guide looks pretty good. It’s got a lot of solid, well written information. Tony has definitely done his research, and in the process created an exciting new product that will likely have newcomers to PUA talking for some time.

If you are on the look out for women, I definitely would recommend checking it out.

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What Is The Best Lube For Penis Enlargement Exercises?

When doing penis enlargement exercises, the only thing you need is your hands – and some lubricant. Many men want to know what is the best lube to use for jelqing exercises? Any good quality lube will work, but some definitely give better results than others. Choosing the best lube will make the exercises easier to do and much more effective, giving you those extra inches much quicker.

The experts at Penis Advantage, the number 1 penis enlargement exercise program, carried out an extensive study with their members testing 12 of the best known lubes on the market when doing the enlargement exercises. One product, Sylk Personal Lubricant, won hands down.
They looked at how effective the lubricant was when used with their workouts, and found that the men using Sylk made gains on average 22% faster than with other lubes. This is because it is high quality, and does not need reapplied during the workout – constantly stopping the exercise to re-lube can slow down the speed of your gains.

The other pros of this lube are that it is good value, discreetly packaged, and delivered quickly, making it the recommended lubricant when doing penis enlargement exercises.

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Why Is It Difficult for Women to Reach an Orgasm?

According to reports, roughly 70% of women don’t reach an orgasm during intercourse. Although that figure in itself is shocking, it also makes you wonder about how many women never orgasm at all (i.e., intercourse or not)!

A lot of flack fall on men on why women don’t experience an orgasm but truth be told, women have a lot to do about this as well whether they realize it or not.

6 Reasons Why Women DON’T Climax

 There are many reasons why women don’t reach sexual climax. Some of them maybe men’s faults but a lot can be because of her too…


Foreplay? What foreplay?

Foreplay is extremely important. For women, making love begins in the mind and if you don’t ‘condition’ her mind for sex, then chances are she won’t be sexually reciprocating in bed too. Furthermore, women really do need more time than men to reach an orgasm; so foreplay is actually your way of extending your own sexual stamina.

She’s thinking too much!

Women are natural multi-taskers. Unfortunately, they’re so used to thinking and doing several things at the same time that they find it hard to simply be ‘in the moment’ during sex. If most men can be very ‘in the zone’ during sex, women seem to have various thoughts running through their heads all the time (e.g., home chores that need to be done, kids’ homework, dirty laundry, etc.).

She’s full of… insecurities.

Women have many body image issues. While you may adore her, her mind is probably worried about at least three different things as you undress her: Is the light revealing any cellulite? Are my ‘love handles’ protruding? Does he think my breasts are too small/big?

If body image anxiety is not in her head, then she may be thinking about things such as “I didn’t shower yet, I hope I smell good… especially down there.”, or “I didn’t pee. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.”

ALL these thoughts are making her focus on the wrong things! It’s taking attention away from sexual pleasure and into sexual insecurities. And when a woman is in this mode, it’s almost impossible to her focus on reaching her own climax!

She really doesn’t know her own body.

There is a certain art form to making love to a woman’s body. It really does have a lot of mysterious curves, spots and turns. Sadly, many women don’t indulge in a lot of ‘self exploration’ when it comes to sex. As such, it’s hard to guide you on what makes her feel good or which techniques really turn her on. And really, if she doesn’t know her own body, how can you be expected to instinctively know what brings her pleasure, right?

The best thing is… it’s never too late to learn! Why don’t you BOTH explore her body? Don’t rush anything and try everything. See what turns her on best and use that knowledge to make her reach her orgasm. Make it your sexual quest! However, here are some clues to save you a few steps…

YOU’re not paying attention!

True, men are not mind-readers. Unfortunately, many women are not great communicators in bed as well so we have a little problem here. Compounding this problem is of course that favorite female bedroom habit of ‘faking orgasms’. As a result, YOU think that what you’re doing is great when in reality you may not even be close!

To solve this particular problem, try to develop a certain ‘sexual code’ between you two. For instance, a slight squeeze on your arm means “You’re doing great! Pls. keep doing it!”; while nails on your skin or arm mean “enough of that!”. You will receive more squeezes, however, if you know some important facts. Click here to learn more…

YOU’re changing ‘techniques’ too fast.

Men like to try different sexual positions and that’s great but sometimes you may be changing just a bit too fast. Women need to get accustomed to a certain ‘rhythm’ before sexual pleasure begins to climb. If you keep shifting positions, she will either (a) never find the position that brings her an orgasm, (b) lose the sexual pleasure she was experiencing in the previous position or (c) be so frustrated that even if you go back to the same position, she may not be that sexually aroused again.

So keep this in mind: when it comes to female orgasm it’s not just location, location, location… it’s also about repetition, repetition, repetition.

Hopefully this list of potential reasons why your partner is not reaching an orgasm paves the way for discussion between the two of you. Don’t focus on why she’s not reaching an orgasm. Instead, focus on what you guys are going to do, so that she does reach her climax. That’s a more positive approach and lot more fun too! Learn creative and easy ways to do it here…



How to Attract Women: How to Impress Women

Renee Grant-Williams, a celebrity vocal coach, says, “The people we deal with in life come to know us by the three ways in which we present ourselves: (a) how we look; (b) what we say; and (c) how we say it.” Obviously, this applies just as much to women as it does to men. If not more.

So if you want to impress women, you’re gonna have to carefully think about how you present yourself. Let’s look at each category.

A. How We Look

Whether you like it or not, dress is crucial. It says a lot about you: whether you care about how you look, or you don’t. But you don’t have to dress like a Hollywood celebrity to look good.

Here are some tips on how to dress for success:

1. Get a female friend or sister to help you pick your clothes.
If you don’t know what to wear, get someone who does know! Ask a female friend or acquaintance to go shopping with you. She’s sure to be flattered, and if you reward her with a gift certificate or DVD, she’ll be all the more motivated to help you out.

2. Check out the latest styles.
Go to the bar or club and see what others are wearing. Observe what the guys who do well with women wear. Look in magazines and catalogues and see what it’s in style.

3. Wear what conforms to your identity.
Hey, if you’re the hardworking, businessman type, wear formal clothes that accent your career. If you’re the snowboarder/skater type, wear grungy clothes that accent your loose, laid-back persona. And if you’re really into music, don’t be afraid to express yourself with the types of clothes that rock stars and musicians like to wear! You can’t force a style upon yourself; clothes are a form of marketing, so market yourself like you would a product, in the way that best shows what you’re all about.

The same goes for your hair: If you want to convey a clean-cut, crisp image, then you might want to shave and cut your hair short. But if you’re trying to convey a rebel image, a goatee, long hair, and tattoos are probably in order.

And speaking of tattoos, don’t forget that they are an ACCESSORY that further helps you to market yourself. Tats, jewelry, and even hats are great ways to mold your image to the man you want to present to women. If you’re a snowboarder, for example, a wool hat says “Cool”. Or if you’re an aspiring rapper or musician, a doo rag has a place in your wardrobe. Consider the accessories that best conform to you as a person.

B. What We Say

Here are some great topics to talk about:

* Your dreams.
Let a girl know that you have a purpose and direction in your life, that you’re not a wandering bum!

* Funny stories.
Humor is a great aphrodisiac. Think about some funny things that have happened in your life. But make sure your delivery is good–more below.

* Her.
The Dalai Lama said, “Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.” Don’t be afraid to let a girl speak for a while. Be silent, but be interested. Actively listen to what she says. It’ll go a long way towards upping the attraction meter!

* Teasing/Playing around.
This is a great technique, especially if you don’t know exactly what to talk about. Throw in an occasional joke or funny moment. I have a friend who has a great technique for handling silence. He laughs to himself, prompting the girl to ask, “What?” He’d say in a sly way that would invite curiosity, “Nah, you don’t want to know. I’m in deep thought.” She’d respond, “Tell me! Tell me!” So he’d do the whole Meow Mix song (“Meow meow meow meow…”). It’s just one of many great ways to lighten the moment, and show you’re a relaxed, none-too-serious person.

* Last but not least, sex.
One relationship guru brilliantly says, “TALKING about sex is the first step towards having it.” Ask her if she’s a bad girl, or what’s the craziest thing she’s ever done in her life—with a bit of innuendo added into your voice. This isn’t the kind of stuff you want to talk about right away, but when things are going good, it’s great to show your “inner bad boy”. She’ll know what you mean, and get excited thinking about it.

Likewise, here are some topics that you SHOULD NOT talk about:

– Offensive humor. Chris Rock’s racial humor may be entertaining, but it’s not a good topic for a first date!
– Politics. There’s nothing to be gained by arguing over issues and parties.
– Past girlfriends. An absolute no-no. All you do is play a game that makes one of you jealous or suspicious of the other. Stay away from this topic, but if she DOES ask you about past girlfriends, talk respectfully about them so you don’t come off as an insecure whiner.
– Inside jokes between you and your friends. They’re called inside jokes for a reason–keep them that way!
– Anything that could be interpreted as geeky or dorky, such as science-fiction. Unless you know for a fact that she’s into science fiction and comic books, keep it to yourself for now. The last thing you want to come across as is a geek!
– Too much about yourself, your possessions, how great you are, etc. Bragging only makes you look insecure. Even if you own a yacht, don’t talk about it like it makes you any more special than her.

C. How We Say It

Of course, none of these topics, particularly funny stories, are gonna work if you don’t know to deliver them. Delivery in speech is crucial. People who have good delivery can make an otherwise dull story an exciting one. I highly suggest you read “Voice Power” by the aforementioned Renee grant Williams. Here are some tips she recommends:

1. Use consonants.
That is, accent your speech. If you’re talking about a great concert you went to, no one will believe it’s that great if you say in a monotone voice, “That was a great concert.” That puts people to sleep. Instead, say, “Man, that was a grrrreat concert!” The Tony the Tiger voice. If she says something, don’t say as if you’re bored, “Really.” Say, “Rrrreally?”, then, with emphasis, “WOW.” It works!

2. Don’t use unnecessary words and details.
If you’re talking about a time when you and your friends went to Cancun, don’t bother with the unnecessary details like the food they served on the plane, the wait for the taxi, or the sheets they used in the hotel. Get to the point!

3. Silence.
As Williams says, Silence does speak a thousand words. There’s nothing better than the “power pause”, especially when trying to captivate your listeners with a story of bravery. You can lead up to something powerful, then pause while the girl takes it in and after a few seconds of silence, say, “But that’s not all…” Or

4. Drama and comedy.
Don’t be afraid to sprinkle some dramatic and comedic flair into your speech. If you’re talking about a goofy incident with your buddy, laugh along with it. When you laugh, it’s a cue for other people to laugh. Chris Rock does this all the time; he laughs at his own scripts, and it has the power of making his routine all the funnier. Likewise, if you’re telling a dramatic story of something amazing like rescuing people from a car accident, talk with conviction and suspense. It really goes a long way towards spellbinding women; they love a great story, especially a heroic one.

5. Use body language.
It’s not enough to talk with your arms beside your side and your butt on your seat. Talk with your arms, with your hands, your body language creating a sense of excitement. It’s a fact: enthusiasm is contagious. So show some enthusiasm with your vocal and body languages!

Finally, change your pitch. If things are going well, lower your pitch, give her your best Barry White. If you’re talking about a funny moment, a louder, more excited pitch is probably best. Recognize the mood and alter your voice to conform to it.

Congratulations! You’re on your way to making great impressions on great women. Recognize the power of speech and appearance, and you’re bound to succeed.

Don’t forget, if you want to learn more about making yourself unforgettable to women by making unforgettable impressions, visit my website at “How to Be Irresistible to Women.”

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Now it’s YOUR turn!

Author of “How to Be Irresistible to Women

About the author:

James is the author of the latest edition of “How to Be Irresistible to Women PREMIUM.” His years of dating experience and international travel have tutored him in the art of meeting and seducing females the world over and introduces a worldly approach to dating and developing real relationships necessary for the modern man.

The “How to Be Irresistible to Women” package offers single men a dynamic and comprehensive tool-kit to attract women and establish an honest and supportive relationship. You can learn more about how to attract the woman of your dreams at:

How To Attract Women

Penis Curvature – How To Straighten A Curved Penis

Penis curvature is an affliction that men all over the world suffer from.  A curved penis not only less attractive to the opposite sex, it is also more difficult to work with when it comes to sex – and can sometimes make sex painful for both the man and the woman.  It really can sap your confidence in the bedroom, which is the last thing you want.

If you have a curved penis then I want you to know that you are not alone, and that there is hope, you can correct this problem and have a normal straight penis.  This will make your sex life better and give you more confidence between the sheets and in your everyday life. 

There are several different methods used to straighten a curved penis.

Penis Pumps

Now studies have shown that pumps can be used to help correct penis curvature.  Now although this does work it is not reliable for several reasons.  Firstly, some men only had a temporary solution – when the affects of the pumps wore off the penis returned back to its deformed shape. The same  problem applies when using a penis pump for penis enlargement.

In addition to this, the pumps were dangerous.  Some men experienced permanent damage to the tissue of their member and others reported getting blisters.  Blood vessels on the member have been know to burst and it is also not rare for the testicles to get sucked up in to the pump.  This, as you can imagine, causes great pain to the man who was trying to use the pump to correct his penis curvature.


Now surgery is an option, not only is it permanent when it works, it has been known to correct the problem in many cases.  But surgery is very expensive and you can not guarantee permanent results.  And remember, all surgery carries risks, and a sharp knife and other sharp tools will be cutting in to your penis – I don’t know about you but this is not something that appeals to me. 


Not only do pills not work, they can do a lot of harm to your body.  Many pills contain harmful chemicals and there is no scientific research at all to support the claims that penis pills enlarge or correct the problem of penis curvature.  Even if you are simply looking in to penis enlargement, do not waste your time or your money on pills.

Creams and Lotions

Like pills, these will not work, they are a waste of your time and money and not worth looking in to.

Penis Exercises

This has to be the best option for you if you are want to correct your penis curvature.  A curved penis is generally caused by one side of the penis being shorter than the other, and the exercises work by permanently stretching the tissue on the shorter side. Once the 2 sides are the same length, the penis is straight again. 

Not only do these exercises work, they are totally safe and totally natural.  They will give you a permanent solution to your problem with no risk to your health.  All that you need are your own two hands and you can have the perfect penis.

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No Pain No Gain: Fitness Myth or Ultimate Fitness Truth?

No Pain, No Gain. Is this aphorism just a fitness myth and downright bad advice? A lot of people seem to think so. As a bodybuilder with 25 years of training experience and more than two dozen trophies on my shelf, I have another perspective to offer you. Success with your body and in every area of your life is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone and that means embracing pain.

To reach high levels of physical and personal success you must approach your training, and your entire life, as an endeavor in constant growth. The ultimate truth is, you are either moving forward or moving backward; growing or dying. There’s no such thing as comfortably maintaining.

Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

To grow, you must step above past achievements; beyond your perceived boundaries and limits. That means stepping out of the known, into the unknown; out of the familiar and into the unfamiliar; out of the comfortable into the uncomfortable. You must get out of your comfort zone.

The Late Cavett Robert, who was founder of the National Speakers Association, said something I’ll never forget: “Most people are running around their whole lives with their umbilical cords in their hands and they’re looking for some place to plug it back in.”

Most people are scared of the unknown. They prefer to stay in that womb of comfort. When the going gets tough; when the effort gets painful, when the work gets hard, they always pull back into safety. But the extraordinary people do the opposite. They know they have to get out of the comfort zone, and into new territory or they’ll stagnate and die.

Walt Disney once said that he never wanted to repeat a past success. He was always creating something new. They called it “Imagineering.” Disney’s mission was to continuously dream up and create things they had never done before, and look at what Disney has become today.

Here’s a little quote that you should post on your bulletin board, your computer desktop or somewhere you will always see it:

“Do what you always did, get what you always got.”

You can’t grow or change by doing what you’ve already done. You’ve got to train just to prevent yourself from going backwards. Maintenance doesn’t occur when you do nothing, maintenance is working to fight entropy, the tendency for things to naturally deteriorate.

Still, most people won’t leave their comfort zones. They won’t do it in business, they won’t do it in their personal lives. They won’t do it in their sport. They won’t do it for personal health and fitness. Why? The answer is simple… It hurts.

By definition, what’s it like outside the comfort zone? It’s UN-COMFORTABLE, right? Change is uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s physically painful, but it’s always mentally and emotionally painful, in the form of discipline, sacrifice, uncertainty and fear.

The maxim, “no pain no gain” gets knocked all the time as if it were bad advice. The fact of life is that you don’t grow unless you’ are constantly stepping outside the comfort zone, and outside the comfort zone is discomfort and pain.

I find that it’s mostly the non-achievers who make out “no pain, no gain” to be a bad thing. But the winners get it. The champions understand stepping outside the comfort zone in a healthy context, so they embrace it.

When you’re talking about the Olympics, or pro bodybuilding or the Super Bowl or a world championship, you’d better believe it’s physical pain, it’s discipline, it’s sacrifice, it’s blood, sweat, and tears – literally. But for most people who simply want to go from unfit to fit, from overweight to ideal weight, it’s not so much about physical “pain”; it’s more like stretching yourself.

How do you develop flexibility? What does your trainer tell you? You stretch to the point of discomfort, but not to the point of pain, right? You get into a position of slight discomfort and you hold it just long enough, then what happens? The discomfort goes away, because the muscle becomes more pliable, and the range of motion is increased.

Each time, you stretch a little further, just barely into the range you’ve never been in before, and eventually, you’re doing the splits. And why do you approach it like that? Because you don’t want to injure yourself. Stretch too far, too fast and your muscle tears.

The elite athletes and high achievers really have to push themselves; they’re going to push their boundaries and test their limits. But if you’re not an elite athlete or seasoned bodybuilder, and you take the advice, “no pain, no gain” too literally, you’re going to end up getting injured.

I always say to my training partner when I watch him cringing during a set and he finishes up with that pained look on his face, “Are you injured, or just hurt?” He knows what I’m talking about. If he says he’s hurt, I say, “OK, good. As long as you’re not injured. Let’s get on with it. Next set.”

It’s not about injury. That is bad pain. That is stupidity. But do stretch yourself.  You can’t improve unless you stretch yourself. If that’s what some people want – if they just want to “stay fit” – OK fine. It actually doesn’t take that much to stay fit, once you’ve already achieved it.

But what if you want to improve? What if you want a new body? What if you want to change? If that’s what you want, you’ve got to push yourself a little. You’ve got to break comfort zones. And if your body is not changing, then I don’t care how hard you think you’re working, whatever you’re doing right now is inside your comfort zone.

Tom Venuto 'Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle'The statement “no pain, no gain” has been misinterpreted, criticized and labeled a fallacy by many. However, the people doing the criticizing are almost always comfort zoners who haven’t achieved much. Don’t listen to them. Instead, follow the small percentage of people who step out and achieve great things. If you don’t like the sound of it, then say, “No effort, no gain.” We’re still talking about the same thing.

Embrace the discomfort like the champions do. Soon it subsides, you enjoy the benefits of the change and the pain is forgotten. You’ve reached a new, higher plateau of achievement. Enjoy the view for a short while. But be on guard because it’s not long before that higher level becomes your new comfort zone and then its time to press on again.

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