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Is There Really a Genuine Penis Enlargement Method That Will Make Your Penis Bigger?

Since you are on this site, it’s most likely that you are unhappy with the size of your penis. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone.

Want some stats?

  • 45% of men are unhappy with their penis size – and surveys consistently show that over 98% of men would increase the size of their penis if they knew how
  • When questioned, 76% of women say that they are dissatisfied with their partner’s sexual performance – and 67% admit that they are unhappy with their partner’s penis size
  • One out of every five break-ups is because of sexual problems

Having a small penis is a REAL problem. There is no part of the man’s body that can eat away at your confidence or feed your insecurities as much as your penis.

Obviously, it is not something that we’ll openly talk about; that’s why you probably think that you are the only one who is worried about the size of your penis.

You’re not.

Does Size Really Matter?

If it matters to you, then it matters.

Does it matter to women? Most of them tell you it doesn’t, but did you ever overhear girlfriends talking about a new man? One of the first questions asked is always “How big was he?” And see the grin on their faces when the answer is “oh, he was BIG….”

No matter what they tell you, the truth is penis size DOES matter to women – given the choice, a woman will always like her man to have a big penis.

Why Do You Want a Bigger Penis?

Every man has his own reasons. But the bottom line is you want a bigger penis because you want to feel like a real man, and feel good about yourself – and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • You want to be the one that other men in the locker room are talking about – for the right reasons
  • You want to see the thrill in a woman’s eyes when she sees what you’ve got for the first time
  • You want to know that you can really please a woman in bed
  • You want to know that when she’s telling her girlfriends about you, she’s grinning from ear to ear…

Is a Bigger Penis Really Possible?

The simple answer to this is yes, it is.

Because so many men are concerned about the size of the penis, and in many cases are desperate to do something about it, the whole male enhancement market is rife with scam artists. Ever wonder why you get so many spam emails about Penis enlargement? Fraudsters prey on men’s insecurities, and peddle products that simply do not work.

But that does not means that all penis enlargement methods are a waste of time – far from it. You just have to wade through the rubbish to find the techniques that do actually work – like natural penis enlargement exercises.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

To understand why penis enlargement exercises work, you need to know how the penis works.

You can read a full explanation here, but basically, your erect penis size is limited to the amount of blood the two main chambers inside it can hold, and when they’re full, your penis cannot physically get any bigger.

So if you can increase the amount of blood that these chambers will hold, you will have a bigger penis. Quite simply, the more blood that can get into the penis, the bigger it will be.

Done properly and consistently, natural penis enlargement exercises permanently increase the size of these chambers. That is why they work so well – and are so much more effective than any other penis enhancement method you’ll find.

Apart from surgery, which is dangerous and very expensive, natural enlargement exercises is simply the only genuine method of penis enlargement that there is.

By doing these specially designed exercises for just a few minutes every day, within weeks you will see results – a bigger, stronger, fitter penis.

By joining a full enlargement exercise program, you can fast track the whole process. A good program goes much further than basic jelqing. It adds a whole range of different exercises, all with clear instruction videos, and sets out an easy to follow daily routine, specially designed to bring on much quicker and better results than just jelqing alone.

The best natural penis enlargement program you’ll find anywhere is Penis Advantage – click here now to find out more.

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