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How To Control Premature Ejaculation – 4 Ways To Seize Back Your Endurance In The Bedroom

How to control Premature ejaculation? There are many ways that this can be achieved. There is simply no need to carry on frustrated as you are. Here are 4 tips you can start using soon, some even today, and these together will help to build your confidence in the bedroom so that you will be able to “plateau” and last as long as you want to.

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Empty Your Bladder Completely

Did you know that urine in the bladder, even a small amount, can confuse your body and make it more likely that you will prematurely ejaculate? I recommend that you empty your bladder out fully before having intercourse.

Also, make sure that all your urine has left the bladder. Sometimes, it can feel like you are “empty” but actually there is a little left.

Squeeze The Head

Another trick is to have sex as normal and then, just before you are about to ejaculate, withdraw your penis and use your thumb and first two fingers to squeeze hard on the head/glans of your penis for about 5 seconds.

You should notice that your penis rapidly deflates as the blood leaves it and it becomes mostly flaccid. Then you can start to get aroused again, regain an erection and resume sex as before. You should find that you have to work your arousal up again to achieve an ejaculation. This is also known as the “squeeze technique” by some.

Focus On Her

Some guys are simply too overanalytical about their bodies and pay too much attention to what is going on. This is quite a common problem with premature ejaculators.

To get over this, I recommend that you focus as much attention as possible away from you and on your partner. When you see her feeling pleasure, let that give you pure sexual enjoyment. Then enjoy the shared experience.

I am sure you are not selfish, but sometimes you have to remember that great sex is very much about looking outward rather than inward. Try it, because when you do this you will also last much longer than before.

Breathe From The Diaphragm

Many people breathe inefficiently throughout daily life because they breathe from their upper chest when they should be breathing from their diaphragm. This also carries over into the bedroom. The stress that the organs of your body are placed under due to this inefficient breathing also contribute to your sympathetic nervous system being triggered and your eventual premature ejaculation.

Search YouTube and you will find many small tutorials on diaphragmatic breathing. Try for yourself and you should find that you are more relaxed in the bedroom, get more enjoyment out of it and your body will reward you by helping you last for longer.

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