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3 Exercises To Cure Premature Ejaculation

Exercises to cure Premature ejaculation are one way of going about it. I know because I, myself, am a former premature ejaculator that cured himself. In this article, I will share with you 3 different exercises that you can use to cure your PE.

I will say one thing though – there is no single exercise out there that will definitely cure you overnight. Instead, what exercises do is to help you, bit by bit, to gain back your confidence and remove your self-doubt and any negative emotions in the bedroom because it is these latter things that are the true cause of your PE problem.

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Different Positions

It is always a good idea to mix positions up. New positions offer something unknown to you. Too much familiarity is not a good thing because you may have come to associate premature ejaculation with specific positions that you have used so far, even if you do not consciously realise it.

Some positions also lend themselves to make you less prone to exaggerate your feelings of arousal. You are therefore less likely to go over the “edge”. One of my favourites when I had premature ejaculation and that helped me get back my confidence was “reverse cowgirl”. This is when the woman gets on top but faces away from you. What a gorgeous site to behold and it also seems to stimulate only the topside of your penis and not the underside so much.

Go For A Second Round

Most guys, whether they have premature ejaculation or not, are like the lowly ranked hand-picked easy opponents for up and coming boxing champs of the future i.e. they expect to go out after only one round.

What you should do instead is to tell your partner that you are definitely going for two rounds. You don’t care if your first round lasts only 10 seconds or 10 minutes. It does not matter. The only thing that does is that you pledge to go for a second round.

Of course, the second round is always going to be longer than the first. This is completely normal. But by no longer caring about the first round, you will actually make major progress in getting rid of your anxiety during that period. This will surprise you by making you actually last longer in round one compared to before. The less you care, the longer you last.


Intercourse is not all about thrusting. In fact, though a woman loves the sensations of being interwined with a man and receiving this type of intercourse, she actually does not derive so much pure sexual pleasure from it i.e. her clitoris is not usually stimulated much at all this way.

You should try swapping some of your thrusting for grinding. After penetration, get as close as possible and rub against her clitoris with the area of your body that is directly facing it. Don’t be afraid to put some weight on it. Women love this and you will gain great confidence from it which will help you to last longer.

How many more months and years of your life are you going to waste? Do something today to start your short journey to becoming cured. Life is too short to realise that you still have this problem 3 months or 6 months from now and didn’t do anything about it. Discover the exact steps to becoming cured from premature ejaculation and becoming a marathon man in the bed here: Ejaculation Supremacy

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