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The History of Viagra

The term Viagra is one that society is very familiar with. After being introduced to the market in 1998, the drug has been in high demand from the moment it hit the shelves and with 300 million tablets being consumed a year, it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

However, many are unaware of exactly how this little blue pill came into existence. Fewer still know that it was in fact discovered by accident (a very lucky accident, many consumers will be thinking!) whilst manufacturer Pfizer was looking at the prevention of heart failure and high blood pressure. This humble pill has certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1985.

How It Began

In attempting to find a treatment that would dilate blood vessels and so reduce blood pressure, Pfizer found a compound that looked particularly promising, Sildenafil. A compound that was later to be known as Viagra.

In testing this compound through clinical trials with healthy volunteers, the men were found to have interesting side effects which led to reports of frequent erections upon taking the drug. After these results were found, Pfizer turned to refocus their research upon an alternate widespread problem, erectile dysfunction (ED).

The Placebo Trials

In 1993, further trials were undertaken to test the drug, although this time it was analysed as a form of treatment for erectile dysfunction and not heart-related problems (literal ones, anyway). In doing so, they found the drug (renamed Viagra) to be a success.

With over 3000 patients spanning over a broad age range of 19-87, it was found that when compared to the placebo group, Viagra statistically showed to be significantly better and did indeed help men resolve their ED problems.


After witnessing the capabilities of Viagra, it finally went on sale in 1998. With most new drugs, licensing can take up to a year to go through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In Viagra’s case, it only took six months.

Within two years of completing placebo trials, Viagra was being put on the market. And with sales reaching one billion dollars in the first year, it was greeted with much enthusiasm.

From a Medical Treatment to a Lifestyle Drug

Over time it seems that the reasons behind why individuals use Viagra have changed enormously. Originally, it was issued purely as a drug to combat ED. However with there being a much greater pressure on men to perform well in the bedroom, ulterior motives for its use have come to rise.

With media such as Fifty Shades of Grey getting so much attention the female and male generations alike are expecting much more, and these expectations leading to a rise in anxiety amongst men concerning their durability. With Viagra now available to those who pass an online consultation in the form of a questionnaire, it’s arguably much more accessible as a lifestyle drug.

Viagra: A Global Phenomenon

No matter where you are in the world, a form of Viagra is present. Since it was introduced 15 years ago, Viagra has revitalized the sex lives of millions of men and is reported to have an 80% rate of effectiveness.

The Viagra drug has even been used around other parts of the world in experiments with endangered species, trying to boost levels of reproduction! In China’s case, Viagra was used to encourage pandas to mate, although these attempts were rarely successful.

In a small matter of years, the popularity of Viagra had exceeded everyone’s expectations. Even now with Pfizer coming towards the end of its patent in several countries, it’s evident that forms of Sildenafil will still be around for the foreseeable future. Whether this will continue to include the Viagra brand itself it is less certain. Nonetheless, Viagra will always be remembered as a crucial turning point in medical history, changing the sexual experiences of billions of men with ED or other sexual problems on a global scale.

Tips to Help You Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

Having a healthy sex life is one of the most important things in life, and being able to properly enjoy it is essential for your sexual drive (libido). Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes more complicated to enjoy sex when something’s wrong down below. One of the main issues men might experience is erectile dysfunction (ED) and this can become a real nightmare for them!

What is ED?

According to The Medical Free Dictionary, erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to engage in sexual intercourse. It is also called impotence.

When having sex in normal circumstances, the brain of a sexually stimulated man sends a message down into the nerves of the penis through the spinal cord. These nerves release neurotransmitters that signal the arteries to supply blood to engorge the penis. The penis then enlarges, causing an erection.

What are the causes of ED?

Erectile dysfunction appears when, for one reason or another, the blood can’t flow through the penis, or can’t keep it engorged.  The causes of ED can be physical or psychological.

The physical causes are numerous but the two main ones are the atherosclerosis and diabetes: atherosclerosis causes the narrowing of the arteries which restricts the flow of blood to the penis, and men with diabetes are especially at risk of ED if their condition is not controlled.

Neurological condition such as Parkinson’s disease could also lead to ED.  In more rare cases, ED can be caused by damage to the penis or spinal cord following a surgical procedure.

Psychological causes are also very numerous – amongst them, stress, guilt and anxiety are the most common. These are especially hard to deal with as they don’t come from a physical problem than can be solved with surgery or a healthier living style. They usually require time and patience to be sorted out.

ED treatment options
As a man, I’m sure you’ve heard of ED. Maybe, since you’re reading this, you have even experienced it. This type of issue is closely linked to our masculine pride! We want to feel manly, and such a condition leaves us with that horrible feeling that we are not. This is why it is very important to get treatment straight away, before you put yourself at risk of depression too.

First of all, if you’re experiencing trouble, it is important that you contact your GP. There is no shame in asking for help, your GP is the best person to advise and help you and you won’t be the first to visit him or her with this problem.

In terms of treatment, you will have several options depending on your problem. Sometimes, simply having a healthier lifestyle is the solution – weight gain and a lack of physical activities could be the cause.

When the cause is psychological, dealing with your issues with a psychologist or by talking things through with your partner will be the solution.

When this problem can’t be solved only with a healthy lifestyle or psychological help, you’ll probably have to use medication such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis (which are the most common medications).

An alternative treatment to erectile dysfunction you may want to try is the use of herbs. Here is a selection of 5 natural remedies against erectile dysfunction.

Remember that there is no shame in seeking help. If you are experiencing ED, it is really important that you make an appointment with your GP straight away. Don’t wait any longer, get your sex life back and enjoy it!

Penis Size Does Matter To Women – It’s Official

Penis size matters to men – having a smaller than average penis can cause serious self esteem issues, and having a bigger penis makes you feel more of a man, and gives you an air of confidence like nothing else.

But does penis size really matter to women? New research proves What most men have suspected for a long time – that no matter how often women stell you that penis size does not matter to them, in reality it DOES matter.

Here is the research results – make up your own mind.

[Article credit:]

The eternal question of whether penis size matters to women has been probed by a team of international scientists who reported on Monday that yes, ladies do find larger men more attractive.

What’s more, prehistoric women who could see the sex organs of their scantily clad male counterparts may have helped influence the evolution of larger genitals in men by choosing to mate with partners who were bigger.

Researchers said they decided to tackle the topic because past studies had offered conflicting answers, and may have been sullied by asking the women too directly.

“Since penis size is a sensitive subject, it’s hard to determine whether females lied or ‘self-deceived’ in their responses,” lead author Brian Mautz, a postdoctoral researcher in evolution and sexual selection at the University of Ottawa, told AFP via email.

So they embarked on a new type of study, using computer-generated images of generic male figures with varying heights, body shapes and flaccid penis lengths.

A sample of 105 Australian women were asked to view 53 of these life-sized robot-like pictures, which rotated so they were visible at different angles.

The women — all heterosexual — were not told they were participating in a study about penis size. They were simply asked to rate the figures according to sexual attractiveness. Their answers were collected anonymously.

Researchers found that women rated tall men with long penises as the most attractive.

The women also tended to gaze longer at the larger men. But not too long — each rating was made in about three seconds.

But how big is best? On that question, researchers were, er, stumped.

“We didn’t find an ideal (i.e. ‘most attractive’) penis size or height,” Mautz explained.

“The attractiveness scores were still increasing at the largest values for these traits.”

The findings were published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the United States, called the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

The results “directly contradict claims that penis size is unimportant to most females,” and also hint at why human males tend to have relatively larger genitalia when compared to other primates, the study said.

“Our results show that female mate choice could have played a role in the evolution of the relatively large human male penis,” the authors wrote.

“Before clothing, the non-retractable human penis would have been conspicuous to potential mates.”

The study did not get into the racial background of men and whether that may affect penis size, but it did document the ethnicity and age of the women it was studying for hints about whether penis size mattered.

More than 70% of the women were of European origin, 20% were Asian and 7% were from elsewhere. Their average age was 26.

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Is There Really a Genuine Penis Enlargement Method That Will Make Your Penis Bigger?

Since you are on this site, it’s most likely that you are unhappy with the size of your penis. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone.

Want some stats?

  • 45% of men are unhappy with their penis size – and surveys consistently show that over 98% of men would increase the size of their penis if they knew how
  • When questioned, 76% of women say that they are dissatisfied with their partner’s sexual performance – and 67% admit that they are unhappy with their partner’s penis size
  • One out of every five break-ups is because of sexual problems

Having a small penis is a REAL problem. There is no part of the man’s body that can eat away at your confidence or feed your insecurities as much as your penis.

Obviously, it is not something that we’ll openly talk about; that’s why you probably think that you are the only one who is worried about the size of your penis.

You’re not.

Does Size Really Matter?

If it matters to you, then it matters.

Does it matter to women? Most of them tell you it doesn’t, but did you ever overhear girlfriends talking about a new man? One of the first questions asked is always “How big was he?” And see the grin on their faces when the answer is “oh, he was BIG….”

No matter what they tell you, the truth is penis size DOES matter to women – given the choice, a woman will always like her man to have a big penis.

Why Do You Want a Bigger Penis?

Every man has his own reasons. But the bottom line is you want a bigger penis because you want to feel like a real man, and feel good about yourself – and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • You want to be the one that other men in the locker room are talking about – for the right reasons
  • You want to see the thrill in a woman’s eyes when she sees what you’ve got for the first time
  • You want to know that you can really please a woman in bed
  • You want to know that when she’s telling her girlfriends about you, she’s grinning from ear to ear…

Is a Bigger Penis Really Possible?

The simple answer to this is yes, it is.

Because so many men are concerned about the size of the penis, and in many cases are desperate to do something about it, the whole male enhancement market is rife with scam artists. Ever wonder why you get so many spam emails about Penis enlargement? Fraudsters prey on men’s insecurities, and peddle products that simply do not work.

But that does not means that all penis enlargement methods are a waste of time – far from it. You just have to wade through the rubbish to find the techniques that do actually work – like natural penis enlargement exercises.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

To understand why penis enlargement exercises work, you need to know how the penis works.

You can read a full explanation here, but basically, your erect penis size is limited to the amount of blood the two main chambers inside it can hold, and when they’re full, your penis cannot physically get any bigger.

So if you can increase the amount of blood that these chambers will hold, you will have a bigger penis. Quite simply, the more blood that can get into the penis, the bigger it will be.

Done properly and consistently, natural penis enlargement exercises permanently increase the size of these chambers. That is why they work so well – and are so much more effective than any other penis enhancement method you’ll find.

Apart from surgery, which is dangerous and very expensive, natural enlargement exercises is simply the only genuine method of penis enlargement that there is.

By doing these specially designed exercises for just a few minutes every day, within weeks you will see results – a bigger, stronger, fitter penis.

By joining a full enlargement exercise program, you can fast track the whole process. A good program goes much further than basic jelqing. It adds a whole range of different exercises, all with clear instruction videos, and sets out an easy to follow daily routine, specially designed to bring on much quicker and better results than just jelqing alone.

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How To Approach Women – Without The Fear Of Rejection

Are you having trouble with attracting and seducing any hot women you meet?

Well if so, then pay close attention to what you are about to read…

If you’re interested in increasing your overall success with women, then you should learn ONE important thing. It’s being able to approach women WITHOUT any fear of rejection!

I know this sounds simplistic, but many guys have major problems with this one aspect of their dating lives. They’re afraid to approach hot women because they worry about what could go wrong. Typically a lot of men get nervous thinking about what a woman will say and how she might reject him.

Now it’s possible for you to attract and seduce a beautiful woman. All you have to do is learn how to overcome your fear of rejection. By confidently walking up to a woman with NO fear of rejection, you’ll instantly become an attractive guy who has a seductive personality.

Here’s an example to illustrate this point…

One of my good friends is able to attract and seduce many beautiful women because he has almost no fear of rejection. While he knows he’s might be rejected, he’s able to eliminate all negative thought patterns. Instead he simply focuses on his approach and initiating conversations with women.

It is pretty obvious – the guys with no fear of rejection are able to increase their overall success with women. So if you learn to cultivate this personality, you’ll find that you’ll become better with women as well.

All you have to do is learn how to act confidently on all interactions with women. When you’re talking to women, simply concentrate on the conversation and work at eradicating all negative thoughts. Just relax and enjoy the conversation.

So if you’re intimidated by women, you need to work on building your Confidence and become comfortable with approaching hot women. If you see an attractive woman, then you should immediately approach her.

When you get into the practice of approaching all hot women you see, you’re nervousness and fears will quickly fade away.

Once you get into a pattern of approaching women and initiating conversations with women, you’ll experience a dramatic increase in your success. Even if you’re only able to pick up a woman once in awhile, you’ll at least have more experience with your approach techniques.

Also, you’ll be closer towards eliminating your fear of rejection. Attracting and seducing hot women is possible. But if you let your fears and nervousness get in the way, you’ll have little chance of success.

All you have to do is practice your approach techniques and become more confident, then you’ll master the art of attraction.

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Pearly Penile Papules: What Are They and How Can They Be Treated?

Since you are reading this, I’m guessing that you are worried that you might have pearly penile papules, or you have heard about them but do not know exactly what they are. But now you are looking at your penis and see some small bumps having the color of your skin or maybe a little more discolored and wonder what that may be.

Maybe your doctor or your best friend told you they are called pearly penile papules, but you still do not have enough information to understand what this condition is. Hopefully this article will help.

First off, pearly penile papules are a skin condition. This means that it affects only the skin and it is under no circumstances a disease. Moreover, you should stop worrying about having a STD as this is not the case with pearly penile papules. These bumps have developed on your skin without any further help from external factors.

You may have probably been surprised when your doctor told you that the exact cause of this skin condition has not been yet found out, but this is the plain true. Even though it is known for sure that it is not a STD or a contagious disease of any kind, there is still no sure knowledge about what causes it.

Just like almost any other skin condition, the pearly penile papules can disappear in time themselves, without any treatment. This means that once you age, the number of small bumps decreases significantly and you may be totally healed. Also, there will be periods of time when you may have lesser bumps on your penis and times when their number will increase considerably, so you will have to learn how to cope with these fluctuations.

One of the important things you have to know about this condition is that it cannot be treated with medicine. The only medical treatment which can get rid of the small papules is to undergo laser treatment, which will eliminate the bumps.

The thing is, this is a costly, and usually painful treatment, which may have serious side effects.

But there is an all-natural, non surgical way that will completely cure all signs of your pearly penile papules. It’s a proven alternative to expensive laser surgery and other over-the-counter treatments that simply don’t work.

So, if you are tired of seeing those bumps on your penis it is time to try out this new, powerful and safe treatment which will make pearly penile papules go away forever – just click the link below for more details.

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Primary Causes of Male Impotence

There are different types of conditions in humans which are known to cause panic.

Male impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction might not be the first one that comes to mind, but it is one of the most frightening and disturbing things that can happen to a man. If you’ve ever suffered from performance anxiety, or lost your erection during sex for no reason at all, you’ll know what I mean.

Being unable to get or keep an erection is a serious problem, affecting more and more men of all ages.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the affected man is unable to get an erection or even maintain one during sexual stimulation. There are several reasons that are responsible for this condition, and the main causes are said to be psychological, although illness or different physical conditions can also play a part.

Some of the physical problems that may be held responsible for impotence include heart or muscular problems, addictions to different types of drugs or alcohol or even sicknesses such as diabetes.

There are also some types of medications which are known to have impotence as a side effect. The psychological problems that may lead one to become impotent include things like a bad relationship, depression, anxiety and worries about things like career, finances and being in a bad relationship.

In such cases, there are some forms of medications that are known to be helpful in dealing with such conditions – but the results are usually only short term.

There are also several problems that tend to affect men as they grow older. Their arteries begin to harden and this may affect blood flow to the penis and subsequently resulting difficulties in getting an erection. This is a more common occurrence in men over forty.

There are times that both physical and mental conditions combine to cause erectile dysfunction. There are some who may not be aware of any physical condition that they have so when they end up being unable to get an erection they may start feeling depressed. It is thus important to make sure that all physical concerns are addressed to avoid mental distress.

Distractions during intimacy may also contribute to impotence. Getting a phone call during intimacy may interfere with concentration and a man may end up losing his erection. Other sources of distraction may come in the form of children or even pets and once they happen, the man may not be able to recreate the mood. This may affect his overall sexual performance.

Negative comments from a lover may be enough to turn a man off sexually. This may require their lover to have a talk with them regarding feelings and sensitivity. There may also be a need to visit a professional for counseling to help in overcoming this problem.

The prostate gland may also be responsible for erectile dysfunction. It is known to mainly affect men who are above the age of forty five. The condition is referred to as Prostatitis which results in an inflamed prostate that may lead to erectile dysfunction.

So is there a solution?

A new program called Erection By Command has recently been released. It uses a combination of physical and mental exercises to ‘train’ you to get hard and stay hard – and it is getting some incredible results.

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Erection By Command Review

Getting it UP and staying UP: This is practically every guy’s eternal quest.

If the statistics are anything to go by, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the number ONE sexual condition that affects millions of men around the world. And a man’s inability to get hard and stay hard during sex can quickly become a personal or relationship crisis.

While the avalanche of ED cures (pills, creams and even strange- looking devices) being peddled in late night TV shows and the back of sleazy magazine promise a quick, instant cure – most of them are costly, unreliable or even downright dangerous.

The truth is, most guys I know want a natural, reliable and permanent way to rise to the challenge. And this is what the program Erection By Command is all about.


Erection By Command is a professional guide designed to help men who suffer from erection difficulties – by re-conditioning the mind and body for instant arousal and erection. It is created by Lloyd Lester, who also runs the hugely popular Ejaculation By Command – a program that helps men overcome premature ejaculation.

Erection By Command sets itself apart in the male sexuality field by offering a unique, safe, and proven “mind- and body-based approach” to fixing ED. It appeals to guys who have to deal with psychologically-induced ED (such as those caused by sexual performance anxiety) and integrates sexual techniques with brainwave entrainment technology.


I like the idea that a man can overcome erection difficulties without treading down the common path of popping Viagra pills or giving themselves a shot of cream/gel in order to get hard.

While the tips and techniques described in this product are based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) principles to stimulate pre- conditioned human triggers, they are not complicated or mystifying. If anything, they are incredibly simple. As long as you apply them the way Lloyd teaches in his program (which includes clear, concise, step-by-step instructions), you will find it almost impossible not to achieve an erection.

(In fact in another program, Lloyd adapts the same strategies to give women orgasms almost “on command”… but that’s for another time 🙂

One other thing that distinguishes Erection By Command from other competing products is the priority 1-on-1 support for clients. This program leads the market in this respect by providing personalized and timely response to any email queries within 24 hours, 7 days a week. This gives customers real peace of mind, knowing there is a REAL person behind the product they can get in touch with if they need any help.


Although you’ll see results relatively quickly, Erection By Command it is not an instant cure. (In fact, any product that claims to cure ED instantly is probably trying to pull a fast one on you and make a quick buck, so beware). It is not enough to know and understand the techniques and strategies that Lloyd teaches in his program, but also to be committed to put them into action.

While this program might not be a perfect fit for everyone, it has transformed the lives of thousands of men… and could give you similar amazing results to boot.


Besides the main manual, you’ll also find the other components of the program useful. For example, the bonus “Sexual Confidence Escalator” is a brainwave entrainment program comprising four audio tracks that is very effective in infusing the mind with a calming influence and reducing performance anxiety.

For those having to deal with psychological ED to a certain degree, building sexual confidence is one of the keys to overcoming performance or sexual anxiety. And one of the best ways to build “confidence” is to first build “competence”.

Learning EXACTLY how to rock your woman’s world every time you lead her to bed will go a long way to making you feel like the sensational lover she wants you to be, and that you know that you deserve to be!

And that is why Lloyd has included a few amazing bonuses in the program that enhances a man’s overall sexual mastery – which, regardless of your age, can potentially change your life and do simply incredible things for your relationship. Because relationships work better when your lady knows that you can “shock and awe” her in the bedroom 🙂


In short, Erection By Command is a wonderful resource for guys who want to enjoy getting hard and staying hard in a completely safe and reliable manner – without ever resorting to costly and harmful pills… and never having to worry about any crazy side effects, embarrassing moments or ‘explanations’ to give anyone about why you can’t perform today.

Although you might not be feeling great about yourself and your sex life right now, all this could change for the better. And it all starts with knowledge and taking the right action that is found in Erection By Command.  

So… if you’re finally ready to banish the pain and embarrassment of not being able to “rise to the challenge” optimally … and ready to enjoy an amazing sex life you know you deserve, then I highly recommend this program to you.

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Lloyd Lester’s “Ejaculation By Command” Review

There is probably nothing in the world that gives a man greater pleasure than knowing he has the ability to satisfy any woman in bed. But for many guys, sex is often a short-lived affair (even an embarrassing one) that ends as soon as the heart starts pounding and the adrenalin gets rushing.

And this is where Lloyd Lester’s comprehensive, step-by-step training program comes to the rescue of guys who wish to permanently turn the tables on premature ejaculation and transform their sex lives.


The Good

Ejaculation By Command is one of the most comprehensive guides written on how to naturally beat premature ejaculation (PE) through training and conditioning.

It is very easy to read and describes in details, the specific tips, techniques and exercises men can do from home to last longer in bed and improve their sexual confidence. Even if you don’t suffer from PE but just want to learn how to add minutes to your lovemaking, you will also find this book to be a great, practical resource.

And Lloyd doesn’t just view premature ejaculation in isolation. He takes a holistic view of the problem and provides great tips to enhance female arousal and bring a woman to an orgasm (even if you’re prone to be “too quick on the draw”).

The Bad

The wealth of information may seem overwhelming at first and you may have the initial tendency to want to jump straight into the “techniques” modules. But it is important to pay close attention to the fundamental modules of understanding the truths about premature ejaculation and male sexuality.

Once you have a firm grasp of the basics, getting through the strategies and techniques becomes much easier.

Also, because this guide contains a ton of practical tips and suggestions to lasting longer, men who have been actively searching for a natural solution to their PE problem may find a few of the tips familiar. However, Lloyd does a good job of putting everything together, making this guide a neat, one-stop resource for lasting longer in the sack.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the book offers very solid and practical information – and is arguably one of the most complete, step-by-step systems to unlock your full endurance in bed. If you are ready to become the kind of superb lover who has the natural ability to hold his ejaculation almost by command and keep his woman sexually fulfilled, this book offers plenty of ideas and suggestions to make your sex life extraordinary.

If you’ve read enough, and just want to discover how to last longer and supercharge your sex life, go here now:
Ejaculation By Command.


At first glance, you’ll quickly realize the amazing wealth of information contained within the book. It starts off with the fundamentals, which really makes sense if you really want to get your premature ejaculation problem sorted out permanently.

Here you’ll discover the reasons why sex is often a short-lived, embarrassing affair for most men… and the myths, misconceptions and lies that unfortunately cloud the issue and make it much harder for men to break free from PE and carve out a new, more confident and long lasting sexual performance.

The second part of the book is where the rubber hits the road. Here Lloyd gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to begin re-training and re-wiring your mind and body so that you can revel in longer lasting sex, and at the same time, give your partner an erotic experience she never thought was possible.

The techniques are totally natural and easy to do – you don’t need any expensive pills, creams, lotions or other alternatives that are simply “stop gap” measures to lasting longer.

PRACTICE is the key here. Sexual stamina, like any self improvement endeavor (endurance running, gaining six-pack abs, shedding pounds, etc), can be improved with the right training and conditioning methods.

One of the things that separate Ejaculation By Command from the dozens of other ebooks on the same subject is this:

While it acknowledges that learning techniques to last longer is important, Lloyd also recognizes that it is crucial to master one’s “inner mind” during sex and gain the SEXUAL CONFIDENCE to lower a women’s threshold for an orgasm.

And one of the best ways to build sexual confidence is by building sexual COMPETENCE. And that is why Lloyd devotes an entire chapter on enhancing sexual competency, as well as offering two bonus ebooks on sex tips and mastering female orgasms, that gives you a lot more “firepower” in the sack.

Guys are who looking for an “overnight” solution to permanently boost their sexual stamina, be warned. The techniques that Lloyd teaches in his book are long-term, permanent solutions to PE. Thus they require some time, effort and commitment on your part to put them into PRACTICE.

But like any self-improvement endeavor that is worth undertaking, this is something that should be expected.

That said, Lloyd more than makes up for it by including an exclusive bonus book where he reveals 15 tried-and-tested “emergency tactics” you can use right away to put up a decent performance in bed. These will certainly come in handy if you need some “instant firepower” tonight.

One thing great about this book and what makes it stand out from the veritable avalanche of resources on premature ejaculation…

…is the two-pronged approach of helping the average man improve his sexual endurance, AND fulfilling a woman’s deepest sexual desires at the same time.

And that’s what makes this book so special.

The bottom line is this… premature ejaculation need NOT become a permanent fixture in your sex life. As a matter of fact, the FASTER you fix it… the happier you are going to be (and your partner too!)

And when you are ready, Ejaculation By Command could completely turn your sex life around and reverse a lifetime of embarrassment.

Along with the Ejaculation By Command book, Lloyd also offers really great value with 8 powerful bonuses at no extra cost:

Exclusive Companion Audio Edition

The entire Ejaculation By Command program is also available in 14 professionally-produced audio training tutorials. This is especially useful if you prefer to listen in to the training via your favorite MP3 player. A nice addition to a great product.

Emergency Tactics To Last Longer

As many of the techniques and exercises in the main program require time to show results, Lloyd gives some great tips for men who wish to have decent stamina at a moment’s notice. There are 15 well-tested techniques you can put to use right away to keep your early ejaculation in check.

Quick-Start Guide

This handy companion guide puts everything nicely together to help ease you through the tips, tricks and techniques explained in the core program.

Premium Lifetime Updates

Lloyd recognizes that there is always room for improvement and he regularly updates his training materials. Thus you can be assured of free premium access to the latest updates and enhancements to his training.

Priority 1-On-1 Email Support

Very few products in the premature ejaculation market offer a one-on-one support. But here Lloyd has up the ante by giving customers access to his private email address where they can ask any questions related to the program, any time. Lloyd takes care of his customers very well and you will get a very timely response in 24 hours or less – guaranteed.

Advanced Sexual Mastery Series

Lasting longer in bed goes beyond just learning specific techniques to build sexual stamina. Sexual competence breeds sexual confidence, and that is key to developing superior endurance. And one of the best ways to improve sexual competency is by learning how to give women an erotically fulfilling experience in bed, even if you are a “quick shooter” to begin with. Lloyd gives away three exclusive bonuses in this sexual competency series that will make any woman curl her toes in ecstasy:

–  Raunchy Sex Secrets: Transforming Your Sex Life In Wickedly Sensuous Ways

–  Female Orgasm Secrets: How To Give Women Insanely Powerful Orgasms

–  How To Stimulate The G-Spot & Give Any Woman Intense, Full-Body Squirting Orgasms (video demonstrations by Jason Julius, a female orgasm expert and a good friend of Lloyd)

All in all, Ejaculation By Command offers very solid and practical information – and is arguably the most complete system to beat premature ejaculation. If you want to be the kind of superb lover who has the natural ability to hold his ejaculation almost by command and keep his woman sexually fulfilled all the time, then this book is exactly what you need.

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Erectile Dysfunction Breakthrough – Erection by Command Review

If you have ever been embarrassed, frustrated & crippled by Erectile Dysfunction… then keep reading my Erection By Command review

Erection By Command is a new program that has been designed with the man faced with any sexual performance problems in mind. It is a program to help you overcome problems like erectile dysfunction, lasting longer in the bedroom and many other sexually related problems.

If you want to improve your performance in bed and really satisfy your partner, you will also find the Erection By Command program helpful. More than helpful – it holds the key to helping any man face all his sex related problems, and put them behind him for good.

So what exactly is Erection By Command?

The Erection By Command program has been divided in to a number of components:

  • The Erection By Command core program
  • Exclusive audio training
  • The hardness multiplier hot sheet
  • Rock hard erections and amazing stamina
  • The premium lifetime enhancements

The core program outlines what the man is to learn during the duration of the training. Learning and training is aimed at providing you with stronger firmer erections that last for more than a few seconds or minutes, and this section gives a lot of good tips and strategies.

Lloyd covers ‘stealth energy’, and  ‘Orgasm on command’

It is through the stealth energy that men are able to learn how they can program the mind and body on how to create instant rock hard erections. This is so important for sexual satisfaction.

How to get the woman to orgasm within thirty or less second is taught in the orgasm on command section. It teaches you all the various parts of the woman emotions – essential if you want to know how to really turn her on.

Component two is made up of an audio recording, with more instructional training. This will allow you to continue practicing and listening to the guide wherever you are – it’s like having your own personal coach with you wherever you go :-).

In component three, you get the hardness multiplier hot sheet. It is made up of techniques in written form, making it easy to reference. The reader is able to remind themselves of the techniques that they have leant and also continue practicing them.

Having multiple copies of the document may be a good idea to allow you to read and practice wherever you are, be it in the office or at home.

Component four of the Erection By Command program focuses on some of the most common problems that are experienced by many men. It is in the form of frequently asked questions with their respective answers. One can go through each of the questions as a way to learn new techniques on how to improve their performance based on what other men have gone through.

Component five covers the premium lifetime enhancements, and offers the users of the program easy access to all the future updates. This will include new tips and techniques that have been tested and which will help you get even better with time.

My final verdict? If you suffer at all from erectile dysfunction, Erection By Command could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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